The Sawmill The Sawmill
80x90 cm - 2001(sold)

Smart Grass Smart Grass
90x100 cm - 2001(sold)

The Magician The Magician
60x60 cm - 2001(sold)

Three Silent Gardeners Three Silent Gardeners
80x90 cm - 2001

The Toldems Big Comeback The Toldems Big Comeback
70x100 cm - 2001(sold)

Two Thoughts Two Thoughts
70x100 cm - 2001(sold)

Una and Guardian Una and Guardian
90x90 cm - 2001(sold)

Ali Ali
50x50 cm - 2000

Bianca on Eddy Bianca on Eddy
50x50 cm - 2000

Chappo and Brunia Chappo and Brunia
50x5o cm - 2000

Elimeleck Elimeleck
50x50 cm - 2000

Experiments in Specific Mass Experiments in Specific Mass
80x80 cm - 2000(sold)