Wood Drops Hunt Wood Drops Hunt
70x100 cm - 2002(sold)

Xylophone Rider Xylophone Rider
80x100 cm - 2002(sold)

The Ancient Tolkens The Ancient Tolkens
90x110 cm - 2001

Caesar's Garden Caesar's Garden
70x90 cm - 2001(sold)

Field of Fertility Field of Fertility
80x90 cm - 2001

The Great Bean Project The Great Bean Project
70x100 cm - 2001(sold)

High-Res Listening High-Res Listening
80x90 cm - 2001(sold)

Julius and the Owls Julius and the Owls
60x80cm - 2001

Mystery of a Loose Structure Mystery of a Loose Structure
90x100 cm - 2001

Ned and his Brother Ned and his Brother
80x90 cm - 2001
Soul Brothers:

Can souls multiply? Can one soul be incarnated in two separate bodies? What is a “Complimentary Soul”?

Physical and metaphysical laws are parallel in many ways. Spirit implements itself through matter, which is a physical manifestation of the cosmic weave. As much as a single cell can divide into two independent units, the same goes for the soul: This phenomena happens at the phase called “The Bardo”, (an ancient Tibetan term for the realm where a soul stays between incarnations), in cases where a very complex karma needs to be manifested, and a knotty lesson has to be learned from two different points of view.

A soul can be divided into two similar parts that carry an identical Karmatic load that reincarnate in two separate bodies.

The cosmic twin (or “Energetic Completer”) is not necessarily a person whom we know. It can be a person in a distant country, a different race, who lives a life contrary to ours, and faces a different set of challenges. It may even be an extraterrestrial entity.

Two individuals that were split from the same spirit stem will rarely know about the existence of a “complimentary soul” nor will they be able to sense its presence. This can only be achieved on the supernatural level, as happens to Ned, who envisions his spiritual brother in front of his third eye.

Noah's Kitchen Noah's Kitchen
70x100 cm - 2001

The Novelty Challenge The Novelty Challenge
80x90 cm - 2001