Candidates and Guardian Candidates and Guardian
90x90 cm - 2002(sold)

Captive Audience Captive Audience
70x100 cm - 2002

Contemplating Awakeness Contemplating Awakeness
80x100 cm - 2002

Dream Rush Dream Rush
50x70 cm - 2002(sold)

The Egotone The Egotone
60x70 cm - 2002

Fruit of the Maze Fruit of the Maze
80x100 cm - 2002(sold)

G-Agents G-Agents
60x70 cm - 2002

Gladiola Narrows Gladiola Narrows
90x110 cm - 2002

Glow Studies Glow Studies
80x80 cm - 2002

Grounded Vessel Grounded Vessel
90x110 cm - 2002(sold)

Illuminating Grey Zone Illuminating Grey Zone
70x100 cm - 2002

Internal Movie Internal Movie
70x70 cm - 2002
Identical thought patterns and similar world views keep two entities in a bubble of shared experience.