Accidential Gift Accidential Gift
90x100 cm - 2003(sold)

The Bass Field The Bass Field
80x80 cm - 2003

The Bath House The Bath House
80x100 cm - 2003

Blind Date Blind Date
60x80 cm - 2003

The Burden of Happiness The Burden of Happiness
80x100 cm - 2003

Distribution Station Distribution Station
100x100 cm - 2003

The Elevator The Elevator
80x120 cm - 2003

The Escalators The Escalators
70x90 cm - 2003(sold)

Godon's Enlightenment Godon's Enlightenment
80x90 cm - 2003

Rider's Envy Rider's Envy
100x100 cm - 2003

Soul of the Great Danes Soul of the Great Danes
60x80 cm - 2003

A Trip Diary A Trip Diary
60x120 cm - 2002(sold)