Out to Journey (Departure) Out to Journey (Departure)
80x100 cm - 2004

The Empress The Empress
70x100 cm - 2004

Escort Ring Escort Ring
90x110 cm - 2004

The Flying Duke The Flying Duke
40x60 cm - 2004

Hector The Janitor Hector The Janitor
90x100 cm - 2004

High Aspirations High Aspirations
90x100 cm - 2004

Insprojection Insprojection
50x80 cm - 2004(sold)

Persuation Persuation
40x50 cm - 2004(sold)

Small Tasks Small Tasks
80x100 cm - 2004(sold)

The Jeweler The Jeweler
80x100 cm - 2004(sold)

The Trendsetters The Trendsetters
60x70 cm - 2004(sold)

Harvest Harvest
90x100 cm - 2004(sold)
The Serene Farmers:

Harvesting in abundance is all a matter of timing: One has to wait patiently until crops are ready to be picked.

Each flower in the painting “Harvest” is a micro-ambience of abundance – a little individual source that will never dry. Therefore – the harvesting must be done carefully, reaping the fruits without harming the plant itself. One has to wait patiently until the source of abundance is ready to provide at its own timing. In such case – the Harvest will be plentiful, and the source will stay intact, ready to provide again, when the time comes.

Being the Harvesters of our own crops, we should always be respectful to our generous environment.

Once we can observe the circumstances of life with clear vision and an open heart, we shall always know when rewards have ripened. When the source of plenty is ripe, its natural ambition is to share its wealth with the world. Only then, we shall collect the treasures poured upon us with gratitude and love.