Experiments in Specific Mass Experiments in Specific Mass
Define “Weight”
Define “Weight” 
How do you measure a body of energy? Can it ever be heavier than a given physical body? 

The two figures in the painting “Experiments in Specific Mass” are overweighed by a body of energy on the other side of the seesaw. This energy body is defined by a red string. At first glance – here is a paradox!

This paradox can be resolved if we consider that mass can defined on many different scales: The unseen energy body may be so condensed, that it is heavier than the physical bodies on the other end of the seesaw. 

Non physical phenomenon can actually be heavier than physical matter. Think about mental and emotional burdens, stress, anger, fear, love, revulsion, envy, or anything that may cause heavy burdens on the soul: At times, they may overweigh our physical bodies and may cause them to collapse. It’s all a matter of specific mass…

Builders Builders
Trusting the Path
Trusting the Path:
Trust your inner wisdom to guide you along your way. 

Life is a framework of constant change. In fact, the steadiest factor is the everlasting shifts which happen on all levels all the time, from the subtle movements inside the structure of a solid rock, to the sudden and powerful geological shifts during an earthquake. 

The most successful people are the ones who acquire a healthy power of adaptivity. They go through life calm and confident that however their circumstances may develop, they will be able to cope and see every change as an opportunity to grow. Showing flexibility and resourcefulness even at times when the future looks vague and you are heading towards the unknown. Laying the steps of your pathway as you progress with joy through life. 

The painting "Builders" comes to remind us what it looks like.

Milk Tree Milk Tree
Harvesting what you have seeded (2004)
Harvesting what you have seeded:
The universe supplies us with tools for creation and manifestation. They are all around us, in many forms, expressing themselves as opportunities and challenges. This is the reason for our embodiment in the physical realm. Every thought, word and action is manifested as a result which reflects our preliminary intents. 

We create our own realities based on the way we perceive things and set our goals. Our aspirations radiate from our energetic essences into the universe as vibrations that crystallize and become more and more condensed, to the point of creating substantial realities. What we contemplate will come back to us as a physical occurrence. 

Similarities attract each other and outcomes are typically simple: You seed positive and get a constructive harvest – you seed negative, and harvest destructive results. 

The painting “Milk Tree” illustrates a process of transforming a blissful substance into a fruitful outcome. This is carried out in a whimsical way, to remind us to always see the lighter side of life. 

Star Catchers Star Catchers

Marine Orchard Marine Orchard