The Magnificent Art of Orna Ben-Shoshan


Having an Orna Ben-Shoshan painting on your wall is like having a window to another dimension. 
Orna’s artwork involves opening her consciousness and channeling images that come to her from a different realm of existence. 

All of her paintings are completed in her mind before she transfers them onto the canvas. 
Her metaphysical work infuses deep spiritual experience with subtle humor. 

Orna Ben-Shoshan has been an autodidact artist for the past 30 years. Her artwork was exhibited in numerous locations in the USA, Europe and Israel. 

Her Major motivation as a visual artist is to share her visions with others to expand their consciousness and inspire new ways of thinking.

Orna’s life-long interest in metaphysics and mysticism has led her to study the Kabbalah and alternative philosophies. She shares her wide and diverse knowledge in articles and short essays that were published in magazines worldwide alongside her paintings.

Orna's new artist's book
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